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Why should there be any interest in a free resource on electronic discovery where top experts share their opinions and tips? The reason is the cost of electronic discovery and an ongoing lack of engagement with new tools and best practices. For hundreds of years, discovery in litigation was looking through boxes and reviewing paper documents. At the turn of this century, there was a realization that most information is no longer stored in paper format. The majority of communication is now stored in binary code format because it is created on computers. As a result, the complexity of discovery in litigation increased because most lawyers are not technologists. Many faced difficulties transitioning from paper discovery to electronic discovery.  Consequently, the goal of our educational podcasts is to help “crack the code” of eDiscovery so that best practices become more widely adopted.

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Producing ESIBytes requires significant time, effort and resources.  Our free podcasts would not be possible without the generous support of TCDI, Inspired Review, and the many guests who have appeared on our shows throughout the years.

TCDI has offices in Greensboro, North Carolina and Cleveland, Ohio.  Solutions include:

– Enterprise-level eDiscovery Software

– Litigation Management Software

– CVFox eDiscovery SaaS

– Computer Forensics

– Cybersecurity


Inspired Review is located in New York and offers:

– Managed Document Review

– Technology Assisted Review

– Legal Staffing Services