3 Judges’ Perspectives on Predictive Coding Based on Recent Training

Predictive Coding Training

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and President of Review Less talk with three judges from federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania about the recent training they received on predictive coding and their reaction to using these newer search and retrieval tools. Our three guest judges were Judge Joy Flowers Conti, Judge Nora Barry Fischer, and Judge Mark Hornak. This is the first time a single court has sought training in predictive coding and the event was well attended by 16 judges and law clerks.

In addition, we have included Herb Roitblat, Chief Scientist with predictive coding software provider OrcaTec and Chairman of the Electronic Discovery Institute. Herb conducted the training sessions for the judges as well as a follow up training session for the Special Masters in the Western District of Pennsylvania’s Pilot Program for using Special Masters to help parties mediate and resolve electronic discovery disputes. In this training, Herb provided and discussed statistics surrounding the use of predictive coding and then demonstrated OrcaTec’s predictive coding tools to the audience. This program was also well attended by 20 Special Masters including myself. Listen in to hear how judges from a mainstream U.S. court react to predictive coding.

Recorded 2/14/2012