Top 10 Tips For Learning Predictive Coding and Forbes Legal Hydra Article


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and President of Review Less be interviewed by Tom Gricks, head of E-Discovery at Schnader Harrison and the attorney who argued the Global Aerospace v. Dulles Aviation case in Virginia, the first case in the country where a judge allowed a party to use predictive coding over the objection of the other party. While we wonâ??t be talking about that case in detail, we will be talking more generally about predictive coding. In particular, Tom will be interviewing me about my Forbes article from January called Legal Hydra where I included a Top 10 List advising attorneys on how to learn more about predictive coding. With two cases nationally ordering the use of Predictive Coding, this article is certainly more topical today than it was when I wrote it. So Tom and I will discuss this Top 10 list, update it for May, 2012, and no doubt talk about predictive coding, a topic we both are professionally associated with.