Back To Law School Show and Practical Advice for Law Students


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and President of Review Less and a predictive coding consultant, participate on a live panel which includes Judge Nora Barry Fischer from the Western District of Pennsylvania, Tom Gricks a partner with Schnader Harrison, Anne Peterson a litigation support technologist from Reed Smith, and Joe DiMenno a partner with Dickie McCamey & Chilcote being interviewed by Stephen Doherty, a University of Pittsburgh Law Student.

I kept this show in the archives without posting it largely because I wanted to tape the standard ESIBytes introduction and closing. This editing job is not something I enjoy doing and doesn’t impact the quality of the show at all. Since law schools are now open for business for a new school year, I thought it made sense to just post the program as it was recorded. In this program we give advice based on our backgrounds as judges, lawyers and entrepreneurs. It was a rather loose, roundtable discussion where we tried to counsel the packed room of law students on emerging issues such as predictive coding, where the jobs might be in several years, and career advice. It was a very fun and entertaining discussion and worth listening to by both lawyer and law students. While I didn’t get around to having Stephen Doherty do more podcasts with ESIBytes, it was a fun idea and I’d certainly entertain having a law student assist ESIBytes with its backlog of shows.

Recorded 04/03/2012