E-Discovery and Effectively Working Through Privilege Issues


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk with David M. Greenwald, a partner in Jenner & Block’s Chicago office and Jonathan Redgrave a partner with Redgrave LLP, about issues associated with privilege and electronic discovery. David is the Editor of the Jenner & Block’s Attorney-Client Privilege Update, an online resource center that provides regular reports on this legal issue, as well as a national expert on the topic of privilege and an active participant in The Sedona Conference.

Jonathan Redgrave is one of the original pioneers in electronic discovery and was heavily involved with the creation of The Sedona Conference, among many other honors. Listen to us discuss: where privilege is today and where it is heading in electronic discovery, the risks of sending business documents to lawyers to obtain the supposed protective seal of privileged, how to review for privilege effectively, how cooperation plays into effective privilege review, how to lose trust with the other side and reduce the effectiveness of cooperating on privilege documents, what privilege logs really get you at the end of the day, and how Rule 502 is supposed to work and how it is working today.  This is a very interesting show.

Recorded 04/14/2011