E-Discovery Search and Retrieval and is Human Review The Gold Standard?


Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less and friend of JurInnov, discusses search and retrieval issues with Maura Grossman of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Professor Gordon V. Cormack from the University of Waterloo. ¬†Maura and Gordon have been deeply involved with the TREC program measuring different approaches for accomplishing document reviews with electronically stored information. ¬†They have jointly published a number of cutting edge articles describing their results. Their most recent contribution is a wonderful but highly technical article called “Technology-Assisted Review Can be More Effective and More Efficient Than Exhaustive Manual Review,” XVII:3 Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (Spring 2011) (in press). They have also recently published an article titled “Inconsistent Assessment of Responsiveness in E-Discovery: Difference of Opinion or Human Error?” which was also a topic of discussion at the recent DESI IV conference in Pittsburgh.

This will no doubt be a cutting edge program as Maura and Gordon are covering some very controversial topics but they also have data to back up their opinions.

Recorded 07/07/2011