eDiscovery Experts Discuss New York’s Complex E-Discovery Model Order

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less talk with Ariana Tadler from Milberg LLP and Maura Grossman from Wachtell Lipton¬†about the new Model Order for complex cases in the Southern District of NY. Both of these attorneys, considered among the best eDiscovery experts nationwide, were involved in creating this template. Hear why they think this approach can make litigation more efficient, what the order entails, where the debates over creating this were most focused and how they think the order’s use will play out in 2012.

For added flavor, we included International E-Discovery expert Chris Dale from the UK to the mix. ¬†He adds insight from the UK’s experience implementing a model order because he is a member of Senior Master Whitaker’s group which drafted the new Practice Direction and Electronic Documents Questionnaire for England’s court system.

Recorded 1/9/2012