a Proposed Student Run Website

Electronic_Discovery_Law_SchoolListen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk with Allison Stanton from the Washington, DC offices of Hogan & Lovells, LLP talk about a side project they have collaborated on. There has been a lot of chatter that the next generation of lawyers will be better able to deal with electronic discovery issues because they were not spoiled by the images of typewriters, carbon paper and dictation devices. They have grown up with My Space, Facebooks, I-Pods and other electronic games. Surely they will be better equipped to recognize new technologies for dealing with ESI and the inherent fact that evidence is by its nature ESI and not a carbon format. But, as Judge Facciola pointed out in the first ESIBytes podcast, we have many lawyers at small law firms who do not get E-Discovery and in many cases are opting out even when their clients best interests are served by recognizing ESI exists and can help their client. This might be changing.

Just last night on the new TV show The Defenders, I saw James Belushi at a small defense firm in Las Vegas present an image of a FaceBooks page as evidence. Nevertheless, the problem is still an acute one. So Allison and I, with Judge Grimm’s support, decided to do something about these two issues and have tried to encourage law students to build a website called which can both facilitate new ideas in E-Discovery in the form of lawblogreview posts but can also serve as a source of in-expensive law clerks trained in E-Discovery for lawyers to access.

On today’s show we will talk about the website building contest. So why should you listen to this show? If you are a law student, know someone who teaches E-Discovery classes or know people in your local bar association who might benefit from a website which provides access to law clerks who have taken E-Discovery courses, then you can help us. If successful, this will be a law student driven project, with some nurturing from the established e-discovery community. But we need help connecting with law students. So please listen to this short show and see if you can help.

REcorded 09/27/2010