Using Predictive Coding – What’s in the Black Box?


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk with several experts in the world of auto-categorization and machine learning.  Joining us are:  Dr. Jaime Carbonell, a world renowned computer science expert who, among other things, is the Director of The Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University; Vasco Pedro, the CEO of Bueda, a Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. / Masters graduate, and a Fulbright Scholar who is developing tools to mine data and categorize it in social media; and Herb Roitblat, Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer with OrcaTec LLC who has been deeply involved with The Sedona Conference and the chair of the Electronic Discovery Institute studying how to use advanced technology to find ESI.

For years, lawyers have been asking about the “defensibility” of these new tools in the world of e-discovery.  I have spent a fair amount of time talking to judges recently about this issue and by and large, the judges are very interested in the new technology provided you can explain why you used the technology. Thus the next question lawyers are starting to ask is “what’s in the black box?”  

In this show we have brought some of the top minds in this field together to discuss the progress of machine enabled learning. We hope to talk about its limitations, which clearly exist. We will also discuss what progress has been made too. The great thing about this show is two of the participants sell NOTHING TO LAWYERS. So this is an opportunity to hear in an unbiased way what the potential is and where some of the warts are too. I hope this will be a show to remember.

Recorded 02/23/2011