eDiscovery Journal Predictive Coding Survey

Predictive Coding SurveyListen to Karl Schieneman, Adjunct Analyst with the eDiscovery Journal and the Founder/President of Review Less, a predictive coding consultancy, as he moderates a special ESIBytes show about a survey on predictive coding with his good friend Barry Murphy, Co-founder and analyst with the eDiscovery Journal. During the show, they talk about the survey and the field of predictive coding which, based on professional experience, is a field which gets far more press coverage than actual work being done in the space.

If predictive coding were a fire, all you would see is smoke and you might not feel any heat. But you would see lots and lots of smoke.  The eDJ Predictive Coding Survey seeks to peer through the smoke and get closer to the flames and get a better understanding of what is actually happening in the trenches. This will be a show where Karl Schieneman injects some of his thoughts regarding predictive coding.

Karl has spent the past four years pushing for more use of analytics, which evolved into predictive coding. Two years ago he worked with a lawyer in Pittsburgh named Tom Gricks to try and find a case to show that predictive coding could be used even when another party was adverse to it. They got that chance last year which was of course, a case called Global Aerospace v. Landow Aviation or better known as the Virginia Case.  This is the first case to pass through the predictive coding stage after a challenge and complete discovery with a production which relied on the search through several million documents largely with predictive coding and no key words. At some point soon, there will no doubt be more written about this case as the production has been completed and now depositions are being conducted, but not on this show today. This is the story for another show with Tom Gricks as the guest. But this case does signal that these tools are more than concept cars at car shows. Predictive coding tools can be used by the legal community today once the legal community learns more about these tools. The purpose of this show is to announce the eDiscovery Journal Predictive Coding survey and to get more interest in the survey we created.

Recorded 1/8/2012

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