eDJ and ReviewLess Predictive Coding Boot Camps


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and President of Review Less and Adjunct Analyst with the E-Discovery Journal, as he moderates a special ESIBytes show.  Karl is joined by Barry Murphy, analyst for the eDJ Group , who will be talking about the series of boot camps they are bringing to cities around the country. The goal is to seed more lawyers who can be conversant about these tools and to make it accessible and affordable. That is why we are not just doing a big conference that attendees need to travel to and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend plus travel costs.

We also have material from judges who are thought leaders in the field and national survey data on predictive coding.  We are also not presenting any single vendor’s tool. We will talk about different work flows and approaches and how to validate results.

Recorded 4/12/2013

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