Innovating Technology in E-Discovery

Innovating in eDiscovery

Listen to Karl Schieneman, President of Review Less and the Hon. John Facciola, retired Judge from the District of Columbia, talk to two technology pioneers in E-Discovery about the challenges of getting the legal community to embrace new technologies. John Tredennick is the CEO and founder of Catalyst and Jay Lieb is the Managing Member of NexLP.  In this show, we talk about the challenges of getting lawyers to open their minds and their wallets and grasp newer technology, let alone use it.

Every year the most popular CLE program in the country is LegalTech so one would think the desire to learn new technology is rampant among lawyers. Experience in the field would tend to suggest otherwise. We thought it would be interesting to have two entrepreneur technologists on the show to talk about their perspectives on gaining adoption of new technologies in the legal space.

Recorded 05/04/2015

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