Top 10 eDiscovery Cases of 2013 with Ron Hedges


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and President of Review Less, a predictive coding consultancy and document review company, talk with former New Jersey Magistrate Judge and E-Discovery Expert Ron Hedges as well as attorney Patricia Antezana from Reed Smith about their Top 10 list of E-discovery cases from 2013. This is the fourth such show we have done with Ron Hedges on this topic and it’s always a favorite of listeners. As Judge Facciola is fond to say, common law takes time but it eventually sorts things out.

This show gives our listeners a good sense of where the edges of E-Discovery are moving as we look at some of the top opinions from last year. On this show we will be discussing: 1. the triggering event (Hixson v. Las Vegas), 2. Scope of Duty to Preserve (Simms v. Deggeller Attractions), 3. Possession, Custody or Control in the context of social media (Gatto v. United Air Lines), 4. Search Terms and TAR (In Re: Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Replacement Prod. Liability Litigation), 5. Rule 502(d) (Rajala v. McGuire Woods), 6. Varying standards for spoliation AND a discussion of proposed Amendment to Rule 37e (Herrmann v. Rain Link and Sekisui American Corp f. Hart), 7. Admissibility of ESI (United States v. Brooks), and 8. Competence (Ellis v. Toshiba American Info. Sys. And State v. Scoles).

Our other guest, Patricia Antezana just published an article in LTN on a similar topic so we have pulled out one additional new issue, attorney fees and taxation of costs (Country Vinter of NC v. E & J Gallo Winery and Gabriel Technologies Corp v. Qualcomm). We end up with a Top 12 list and hopefully another entertaining podcast on this ever changing topic of case law in e-discovery.

Recorded 01/15/2014

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